80.00 DT / piece
Price per m² : 0 DT

SUDDART tiles are entirely hand made following a traditional process. Color pigments are poured into antique brass molds. The mold is then removed before adding the second and third layers of materials. Once unmolded, the tile is then dried for 28 days. The process is delicate and requires great experience to secure the product quality.

SUDDART cement tiles are made of high quality pigments and materials that make tiles remain eternally stunning. They could be used to cover walls and floors or to decorate your furniture. The thickness of SUDDART cement tiles makes them easy to match with wood floors, ceramic and stones.

Equivalent : 0.04
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Shape Square
Format 8 x 8 inches
Thickness 5 inches
Suggested joint for installation 0,08 inches
Weight per piece 1.1 Kg
Pieces per box 14
Weight per box 16 Kg
Quantity per container 20 Palettes : 900m2
Standard Average value International standard Results
Lenght and height EN 13748-1:2005 TM 5.2 200mm more/less 0,3% Max Complying
Thickness EN 13748-1:2005 TM 5.2 13,2mm more/less 2mm Max  Complying to TH 1 class 1
Porosity EN 13748-1:2005 TM 5.8 3.5 % Max 8% Complying
Resistance to flexion EN 13748-1:2005 TM 5.5 1,257 kn Class 1 < 2,5 KN Complying
Resistance to break EN 13748-1:2005 TM 5.5 9,42 Mpa 5 Mpa Complying
Resistance to fire 90/603/CEE A1-fl A1-fl Complying
Resistance to sliding EN 13748-1:2005 TM 5.7 USRV 23 USRV 23 Complying
Resistance to deep abrasion EN 13748-1:2005 TM 5.6 26 mm class 1 Conforme à la norme*

Installation and maintenance

• Prepare a clean, dry, firm, crack free and level support.
• Apply a cement adhesive evenly and position the tiles by hand without hammering and without moistening the tiles while leaving a joint of 2mm.
• In case of cement stain on the tile wipe with a humid cloth.
• Let the cement dry for 7 days before applying two crossed layers of pure SIKAGUARD sealer using a paint roller. Wait for almost an hour between the two layers application. The day after you can proceed with grouting.
• Fill the joints using neutral colored cement grout then wipe a damp cloth over the tiles to even out the surface.
• Don’t grout more than 3 square meters at once to avoid grout to dry out.
• Do not sand SUDDART cement tiles.
• Do not use acids on SUDDART tiles.